The Tomorrow app distributes trust assets in tiers starting with the surviving spouse, followed by children and then other family & friends. While you can choose whomever you want in the third family & friends tier, the heirs in that tier would only be eligible to inherit if there is no surviving spouse and no surviving children. Thus, this method limits the ability to leave a gift to someone other than a spouse or child by selecting them as an heir. However, it is possible to leave a gift to a beneficiary separate from the heirs by naming them under ‘Cash gifts off the top’ in the heirs section. Tap the ‘+’ button and choose someone from your Tomorrow family and friends, then decide on the gift amount.  

Remember, though, that these cash amounts are paid out FIRST and will reduce the amount left over for distribution to your general heirs.  If you designate someone to receive a large cash gift and the value of that gift exceeds the total value of your estate, then your heirs would effectively be disinherited. Thus, it may be a good idea to update your documents if you have a substantial change in net worth.  

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