It is possible to keep track of your progress by checking the list in the Trust section. Red indicators mean the task is incomplete. The Trust has the following checklist.

  1. You should complete all the fields under info and contact in your profile.
  2. If you are married and live in a community property state, you need to invite your spouse to create a Tomorrow account. 
  3. In the family badge, name all the family members you want to be connected to.
  4. Confirm your heirs, starting with your spouse, registered domestic partner or partner in a civil union and moving onto your kids.
  5. A backup trustee must be named in roles.  (You will be your own initial trustee.)  After receiving the invitation, that person must accept the role.
  6. Start an inventory of all the tangible items you want to leave to your heirs (or named individuals) in belongings
  7. Under assets, add your accounts including bank, investment, and insurance.

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