First, select the "profile" badge on the main app screen and fill in your information under info and contact. Most of this was filled out when you first started the app, you can confirm that information and complete the rest.

Then you can start creating your connections under family. Try to include as many of your family and close friends as possible. You can always return and add more people, but being thorough now will help you in the following steps. 

Next, decide on who to send invitations to be a guardian, executor, and trustee. If you have kids that are minors, you will be required to choose a guardian for them. There are short videos that describe each role. For a definition of each position, take a look at our glossary

Confirm who you want to be your heirs starting with your spouse, moving on to your kids, then family and friends. A description of how to change your heirs is included in this article.

Finally, input your belongings and assets. You can choose who to leave your family heirloom to, take a picture of it, and include a personal note sharing the history of the item. 

When you have completed all 6 badges and invitations for guardians, executors, and trustees have been accepted, you should be ready to print the Will & Trust.

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