The exact method for transferring property into your Trust depends on the type of property involved.  For bank accounts, investment accounts and other financial assets, you should contact the institutions with holdings that you want placed in the Trust and fill out a “transfer on death” or “payable upon death” form naming the Trust as recipient. (You can also transfer ownership of your accounts into the Trust while alive by working with your individual institutions). Tangible personal property (a.k.a. your belongings) can be transferred into your Trust using a simple Bill of Sale. Our current version doesn't offer a form of Bill of Sale, but we will let you know when it's been added. 

Other assets such as vehicles, real estate, stock or business interests can require special transfer agreements, review of documents and state or county filings. You should consult with an attorney to assist you in transferring these assets into your Trust if you want to do so.

For a detailed explanation of the transfer process see our blog post on the subject.

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